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Myanmar Tours

Myanmar Tours

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is recognized by the world as the Golden Land and "quite unlike any land you will ever know" – has become a magnet for tourists. The golden gem in Southeast Asia’s crown, Myanmar is as close as you’ll get to time untouched in the ever growing and changing Far East because there is still a strong sense of the old Orient here. This is changing but It's a place where Buddhism is still a way of life.

The country is a paradise to discover, a destination for discerning travellers to explore and experience the mystical charms of the East in all its diversity – rich archaeological sites, glittering pagodas, a wealth of cultures, colourful festivals and arts. Moreover, Myanmar is also blessed with a stunning natural beauty from mountains to lakes and an idyllic coastline. But most of all, perfectly complemented by a most gracious and hospitable people.

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 On Request
Kicking off in the former capital Yangon, this journey encompasses the star attractions of that city as well as the temples at Bagan and the tranquil scenery that surrounds Inle Lake
 On Request
Facing the Bay of Bengal on the western coast of Myanmar, Ngwe Saung Beach is one of the most pristine in Southeast Asia
 On Request
Quiet & peaceful, Ngapali offers guests a relaxing getaway to palm fringed beaches of golden sand and the clear waters
 On Request
Sailing is through the rolling hills of the Third Defile.

Myanmar’s former capital Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations while traveling in Asia. When you are here you will be completely overwhelming by the lakes, shady parks and verdant tropical trees. This is the reason why Yangon is known as the “Garden of the East”. Besides the impressive beauty of the gilded Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) dominates the famous skyline of the city, here you will be extremely surprised at Yangon has a variety of hotels, excellent restaurants, not inferior to any the other growing cities in the world. Even the bustling nightlife and energy of the city will make you enjoy, Yangon really gives you a different experience, unlike any other city in the world.

Located not far from Bagan (about 30 minute’s flight from Bagan), Mandalay is a city of chaos, smoke and dust everywhere, but when you leave the bustling downtown to visit the other architectural wonders of this place, then you will really understand the beauty of land has been the country’s ancient capital of the land of golden pagodas. The most prominent site in this city could be the picturesque bridge of Ubein in the ancient village in Amarapura (considered the longest teak wood bridge in the world), and this is also considered the place has the most brilliant sunsets in the world.

With a repertoire of massive Buddhist temple, built by King Pagan over many centuries, there is no doubt that Bagan is the greatest archaeological site on earth. Nowadays, with 2,220 temples still remain today (in about 13,000 temples in the peak period), you can unleash the freedom to explore. The temple are located at a distance are quite close together, so you might choose to explore this marvelous site by walking, cycling, buses, tuk tuk or on a hot air balloon.

This is the sacred temple of Myanmar ranked third, behind only Mahamuni Pagoda and Shwedagon Pagoda. Unique feature of the temple is situated on a protruding rock on a mountain; legend has it that the stone still stands over the years by temples a hair of the Buddha. The strange thing is difficult decoding of the temple, made even more mystery and curiosity of many tourists to this place.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar, Inle Lake is the place to be best known by the fishermen with fishing methods unique, just rowing with one leg. Although in recent years, tourism in the region is well developed, but where it retains the natural beauty of its capital. Go to Inle you will experience the sensation of floating houses, an ideal place for you to sink in deeper into this wondrous beauty of nature brings.

Mrauk U is an important archeological town and the 2nd largest center of temples in Myanmar. When you are here you will see the temple built of bricks from the 15th century remains, nestled in the hills and small villages. Specifically, you will feel like here is a land of myth, by the fog covering the city in the morning. You can also visit the riverside village for a sense of adventure and enjoyable.

Hpa An is a city located in the southeast of Yangon and about seven hours in the car. Hpa An is surrounded by limestone mountains ranges, is a great place for a short journey. Outside the city is the beauty of the vast green rice fields, with the mountains behind the stone will give you a beautiful sight. There are also lots of templed-caves with unique architecture, layout and the people using as the natural Buddhist temples.

Putao has long been seen as the gateway to climb the mountain ranges of Himalayas. This is a place very familiar to the people wants to try at the climbing. This area has the richest biologically diverse in the world, with an average of 30 to 40 new types of flora and faunas are discovered each year. This is very remote area, and rugged so that you can come here by air. When you are in Putao there is nothing better than the experience exploring forests, mountains and river rafting. 

Ngapali is the most popular beach in Myanmar; this is the most beautiful tropical beach on the Bay of Bengal, with white sand beaches and beautiful resorts around. But what makes Ngapali become a favorite site is the seafood here is really delicious, and most of the top chefs for seafood of Myanmar cuisine are present here, that make the food here become the most delicious and exotic. Besides, you can also move to the beach for a vacation Ngwe beach with more limited budgets, where the relatively unspoiled beaches will be very suitable for tourists who prefer the quiet, in a frame romantic scene.

At a glance

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has a population of over 54 million (2016). Myanmar is an ethnically diverse society. There are over one hundred ethnic groups in Myanmar that can be roughly divided into four: Tibeto-Burmese, Mon-Khmer, Karen and Thai-Chinese. more
Climate & Times to visit

Myanmar is an all year round destination and has three distinct seasons. The best time to visit Myanmar is the ‘cool winter’ season from November to February. more
Culture & Customs

Myanmar lies on the crossroad of two of the world's great civilizations - China and India - but its culture is neither that of India nor that of China exclusively, but a blend of both interspersed with Myanmar native traits and characteristics. more

The official language is Burmese which is spoken by about 80 percent of the population of Myanmar. more
Food & Drink

The food in Myanmar is not as spicy as other South-East Asian countries, and may lack the diversity of its Thai neighbors but is none the less delicious and filling. As with most Asian cuisine rice is at the core of most meals, and the dishes often reflect the local vegetable, plant and seafood available. more
Festivals & Events

Myanmar is popularly known as the Land of Festivals because of the countless religious and cultural festivals that take place all year round. Festivals can be divided into two types, nation-wide and regional. As Myanmar culture is closely intertwined with Buddhism, most of Myanmar’s festivals centre around religious events. more
Public Holidays

The local currency in Myanmar is the Kyat (MMK). Kyat is divided into the following banknotes: K1, K5, K10, K20, K50, K100, K200, K500, K1000, K5000, K10000 more

Myanmar is only accessible by air, and the majority of visitors arrive by air at either Yangon or Mandalay International Airports. The national carrier is Myanmar Airways, but a handful of other regional airlines also provide limited service in and out of the country. more

Foreigners must obtain a visa before travelling to Myanmar. A visa on arrival service exists, but it is only available to those needing transit visas, business visas or entry visas for participating in certain events or meetings. more

Myanmar’s cities are not shopping destinations on a par with regional favourites such as Bangkok or Singapore, but there are still some bargains to be found. more

Myanmar medical care is dismal, medical facilities outside Yangon are extremely limited. In the event that you require any surgical treatment, you will likely need to be evacuated to Bangkok. more
Safety & Security

In all the areas that foreigners are allowed to visit, Myanmar is very safe in terms of personal security: incidents of crime against foreigners are extremely low and Yangon is considered to be one of Asia’s safest large cities, with no areas that need to be avoided. more

Its common to tip drivers and guides, waiters at local restaurants and also usually hotel porters. The following suggestions on tipping are meant as general guidelines. For exceptional service travelers may wish to give more. more